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Virtual Tour Equipment Options
Camera and lense options determine virtual tour quality

360 Minnesota has a variety of camera and lens options to provide various levels of image quality and size based on the client's needs and purposes for the virtual tours.

DSLR camera on a panoramic spherical tripod mount 360º X 180º coverage with highest resolution

The premium quality setup is to use a panoramic tripod adapter and to shoot one or more rows of photos with a DSLR, typically with a fisheye or very wide angle lens. These images can be stitched together to produce 360º X 180º coverage, but at a much higher resolution and quality than the circular (hemisphere) fisheye lense is capable of. There are instances when you need much more vertical height and most virtual tour photographers will not be equipped to help you. There are spots with cathedral and vaulted ceilings. You just can't cover them with a traditional virtual tour setup. For those instances you need something that can give you a full 360º X 180º coverage.

Fisheye lens with 360º X 180º coverage high resolution

The deluxe level tours are made from multiple circular 180º (hemisphere) fisheye images stitched together. Some of our competitors only stitch two hemispherical images together, but for better resolution, stitching three together is necessary. These fisheye images give you the same full coverage but at a lower resolution than the premium level pictures.

One shot 360 degree lens with 360º X 115º coverage medium resolution - With or without HDR

Our standard level service was upgraded to a new, higher resolution camera and to be used with a new one shot 360 degree lens that has a higher quality lens with more FOV (Field of View). FOV is important as it determines how much of the floor is in the picture and how far up the walls or ceiling you can see. The typical one shot lens can only cover 90-100º of vertical angle, ours can cover 110-115º which will give you much more coverage in your virtual tours. Ask my competitors what they are using to be sure you are getting what you should!

As an add on option the One Shot images can be enhanced with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology. This involves bracketing the shots (typically 5X) and then blending the images to blend the exposure to even the light between the bright side and dark sides of the room. Usually this gives you the ability to see out the windows instead of them being blown out.

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