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Whats new at 360 Minnesota?

360 Minnesota - First Minnesota panoramic photographer on Google Earth

minnesota's first google earth panorama photographer Google continues to expand the free services it offers the internet users. Google Earth is one such example of a product that is continually expanding in offerings. Not long ago they added the Photo Layer which allowed individuals to add still pictures, but only recently were professional panoramic photographers allowed to post their images to Google Earth. 360 Minnesota is the first Minnesota photographer to have their 360 spherical panoramas on Google Earth.

360 Minnesota purchases new virtual tour generation software to expand our delivery options

All the new hardware is pretty ineffective unless you have the right software for creating the virtual tours our customers purchase from us. We have just added a new high tech virtual tour creativity software package to our arsenal. We are now able to deliver a wider range of virtual tours to meet all the needs of our existing and future customers.

360 Minnesota purchases new fisheye lenses to provide better, higher resolution panoramas and 360 virtual tours.

As lens quality and options improve, we are constantly in search of the latest in lens technology to improve the resolution and sharpness of our virtual tours, expanding the options we can offer our clients. Recently we added two new fisheye lenses to our equipment options as a part of this hardware upgrade.

360 Minnesota purchases new higher resolution camera with increased ISO and and image handling

Like lenses, our cameras are constantly upgrading to increase the quality range we are able to offer. The combination of this higher resolution camera with new lenses makes eye-popping virtual tours.

360 Minnesota purchases new super wide angle lens to provide better still photo coverage for improved wide angle coverage.

Some rooms are too small to shoot properly with a standard wide angle lens and need a super wide angle lens to get respectable coverage. By adding this new lens we can avoid using a fisheye lens with an added charge for these shots.

HomeSeekers.Com Provider
homeseekers.com site for finding the perfect house for you

360 Minnesota has been authorized to submit virtual tour links to HomeSeekers.Com. If your home is listed on HomeSeekers.Com, we can add your virtual tour to it!

Where does America's Best Builder go for virtual tours?
Where does National Builder of the Year go for virtual tours?
Where does the National Housing Quality Gold Award winner go?

360 Minnesota of course! We were proud to help this new client by incorporating the newest technology to provide top quality virtual tours for their MLS, REALTOR.COM, and corporate web site needs. Please check our Real Estate Services section for virtual tour samples of their luxury homes.

REALTOR.COM PicturePath Provider

picture path realtor.com hometour360 provider  realtor.com virtual tour featured

To help expedite order processing we are now able to directly link our tours with REALTOR.COM. REALTOR.COM is the most popular destination for those seeking a new home online. By listing a home on MLS the listing will automatically appear on REALTOR.COM, but unless you are a Showcase client with REALTOR.COM, your virtual tour won't appear there without getting the service seperately.

hometour360 realtor.com virtual tour provider

New equipment for better service!

In our last news flash we announced a new, higher resolution camera was going to be used with a new one shot 360 degree lens that has a higher quality lens with more FOV (Field of View). FOV is important as it determines how much of the floor is in the picture and how far up the walls or ceiling you can see. The typical one shot lens can only cover 90-100º of vertical angle, ours can cover 115º which will give you much more coverage in your virtual tours. As my competitors are using to be sure you are getting what you should!

There are instances when you need much more vertical height and most virtual tour photographers will not be equipped to help you. There are spots with cathedral and vaulted ceilings. You just can't cover them with a traditional virtual tour setup. For those instances you need something that can give you a full 360º X 180º coverage. We are now offering tours made from multiple 180º fisheye images stitched together. Some only stitch two together but for better resolution, stitching three or four together is better.

The next step up is to use a panoramic tripod adapter and to shoot one or more rows of photos with a DSLR. These images can be stitched together to produce the same 360º X 180º coverage, but at a much higher resolution and quality than the fisheye lense is capable of.

360 Minnesota has all of the equipment and expertise to give you the kind of picture your project requires. Please check back for samples using out latest technology offerings.

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